You don’t have to be monetized to make money on YouTube

So I lurk on Youtube creator forums a lot it seems like most of the comments are people complaining about not being monetized. Don’t get me wrong, I think that being monetized is great. However, this should be the end-all-be-all. Because as we all know YouTube is constantly changing their policies and one day your video could be monetized the next day it could not. Here are some things you can do to make money with your YouTube channel even if you don’t have 1000 subscribers or 4000 hours which time.

1. Set up a website and put ads on it with Adsense. You can build a simple WordPress blog and host it on HostGator for five dollars a month or less. I know this $5 a month will break the bank for some people but after a while with the traffic from your Youtube Channel you is should be able to pay for itself.

2. Sign up with Amazon affiliates. This is simple and takes usually about 10 minutes to do. Amazon has turned the products that you can market in the description of your videos. Typically you want to choose products that are related to the content of your video. I.e. if you’re a gaming channel you may want to include a link to the game that you’re featuring in your description.

3. Seek out affiliate programs that are related to other products in your niche. I.e. If your channel is about real estate and finance like mine is then you may want to sign up with audible and mentioned that in your video. Audible, VPN companies like Tunnel Bear and loads of other companies would love to have you promote their items and will pay you to refer traffic to them.

4. Set up a Teespring, Printful or Zazzle. If you good at designing T-shirts or you have a brand that you’re trying to promote one not set up a T spring store and drive traffic to that in your videos.

5. Set up a Go fund me or Pateron. No seriously go set one up right now. There is no reason for you not to have one for your content. If you have 50 people giving you ten dollars a month that’s $500 a month! All of which can be going towards making better content.

7. Create video tutorials on sites like Udemy and Since you’re already making videos anyway might as well create educational videos and get paid for it right? You can even make videos about creating the YouTube channel that isn’t even monetized yet.

8. Join Fiver or Upwork and do things like audio and video editing. Since you’re doing these things anyway in your videos do you do it for other people and get paid for it.

9. Referrals and online surveys. Some sites pay $1.00 per referral just if a person enters their email in a form on their website. If your video gets a thousand views that are a thousand potential dollars.

10. Create your own products. This is what I highly recommend because once you discover how easy it is to make ebooks and record videos with your brand you will say “F%ck all these companies like Youtube making money off me”.

Now stop complaining about not being monetized and go out and conquer the world.

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