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According to LinkedIn research, Gen Z and millennial employees feel excluded, puzzled, and frustrated by the constant usage of “workplace jargon” in the workplace.

Millennials and members of Generation Z may feel alienated at work due to workplace jargon. The employment of particular terms and expressions, frequently referred to as “buzzwords” or “business jargon,” can hinder communication among workers of different generations.

While office jargon has long been common, younger generations may find it particularly off-putting. These jargon-heavy terms frequently strike Millennials and Generation Z as perplexing and uninteresting since they value honesty and transparency. Such language can make people feel alien and impede productive collaboration and communication.

Terminology frequently heard in the workplace, like “low-hanging fruit,” “synergy,” and “think outside the box.” While these expressions may come naturally to older generations, they may strike younger workers as cliched or useless. According to the author, reliance on such language can stifle actual conversation and idea exchange, which can be detrimental to creativity and innovation.

Businesses need to encourage more inclusive and transparent communication strategies to overcome this problem. Younger employees might feel more included and involved by encouraging open communication, defining terminology and acronyms, and developing a culture that values different opinions.

In conclusion, workplace jargon might cause members of younger generations, including millennials and Generation Z, to feel alienated and estranged from their coworkers. In order to promote cooperation and participation among workers from various age groups, it urges organizations to place a priority on transparent and inclusive communication techniques.

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